"....compared with her popular, impossibly perfect brother Brent excellent newcomer Thadd Krueger"-WHILE WE WERE BOWLING, John Moore, Denver Post 2011


"....Her conflicted teenaged son Brent— played by the strong Thadd Krueger, a newcomer to local theater — announces plans to become a priest."- WHILE WE WERE BOWLING, Littleton Independent, 2011


"Thadd Krueger shines in dual roles as the shows stage manager and an
enormous piece of cheesecake." - Amy Rhodes,, TREATY 321

"It is Krueger who carries the show, doing solid lead vocals and playing the
straight man during comedy bits."
Joel Schutte, Urbandale Press Citizen, Des Moines, IA Forever Plaid 2005


"The cast is uniformly funny-Thadd Krueger is a standout and includes
artistic director."
Jack Felix, Williamsport Sun Gazette, PA Rumors 2002


"Thadd Krueger stars as Will Rogers in a show that parodies a Florenz
Ziegfeld production...Krueger however remained compelling, especially in his
delivery of a speech Rogers gave following President Hoovers radio address
to the nation."
Leslie Miller, The Express, Will Rogers Follies, Lock Haven PA, 2002


"Krueger gets my nod as the most versatile of this summer's ensemble having
played Will Rogers, standing out in Neil Simons Rumors and in I Love you, he
is often hilarious."
Jack Felix, Williamsport Sun Gazette, PA 2002, I Love You, You're Perfect.